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Anyone got a timing tool and decent compression tester for an 2.5 AXD that I can hire.....located in Hampshire.

I bought a T5 with various problems, oil where water should be and water where oil should be. The coolant header tank is oily and there is plenty of sludge on oil cap. The oil breather hose on rocker cover is pressurising quite significantly and the exhaust manifold is split on number 5....someone tried to fix it with mastic!

The van struggles to reverse off my drive (very slightly uphill) and has no power at all! It puffs plenty of blue smoke and I'm guessing head gasket buggered and perhaps a lot more!

I bought it as a project and looking to remove engine and overhaul if possible.....also I want to uprate from 130 to 175bhp (or more) as I'm changing manifold and turbo. Before I start I wanted to check compression.

If anyone has any advice on removing one of these engines it would be much appreciated!
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