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I've fairly recently got myself a 2.5tdi AXD on a 2006. The van runs well but I do get the dreaded boost and subsequent limp mode issues occasionally
On inspection of the engine bay there appear to be all new vacuum pipes to the N75 system(looks like someone has been here before me) and the EGR valve appear to be leaking

I'm thinking of blanking off the valve with an Allard kit yet I'm not that confident this will cure the over boost or indeed if this wil cure the issue(had the same code on a 2.0tdi golf a while back and it was a new turbo job ?)

Anyways my wife will kill me if I throw a shedload of money at this issue and I'm not sure if it will be so be solved so can I ask; Does anyone know of a decent independent T5 specialist in the Swindon or Wiltshire area they can recommend?

Many thanks
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