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Hi every one,

03 Reg, 2.5l TDI, AJT engine.

i'm having an issue and cant figure out the best way to go.

Recently on a morning when i fire up the van the power steering is really hard to turn one way,
Left turns are no problem at all.
turning right i have to use both hands and even then it is bloody hard to turn.

give it a few miles and no problems everyting back to normal and able to turn lock to lock
with palm of my hand, no abnormal noises.
no whineing.

i have checked the fluid and thats topped up to the level and im not losing any.
its the green stuff and it looks clear....ish
no leaks from the rack and all boots in place as they should be.

bottom ball joints have been replace in the last couple of years.

Any body got any ideas where to start.
i'm thinking a new pump and a oil change ?

is there any way to tell if the pump is broken or not before i start shelling out money ?

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