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20" Range rover Alloys for T5

Rial Faro 20" alloys for sale.

I bought these wheels a couple of days ago thinking that I'd be ok to put them on the van with no probs. They are a beautiful looking set of wheels but the thing is that they came with 295x45x20 tyres and thats too big!
I had it in mind to buy a set of new tyres for them if i found that the current tyres were too big on their arrival but my wife has put a stop to that since finding out how much a set of tyres would be!!!
The wheels were on a Range rover so they are correct size for your T5 - 120 stud pattern, 45 offset etc. It just needs someone who can afford to put some new rubber on them to make the purchase and transform their van. The best price I have found for tyres is at camskill who are selling 255x35x20 Falkens for 165 a piece. I'll put some pics on here later this evening but it the mean time have a google search for Rial faro to see just how tasty they are!!!

This is a genuine sale and there's no scuffing at all on these wheels, I just can't stump up the cash for the extra rubber, gutted!! (2nd bab on the way in 10 weeks) she'll kill me!!

The wheels/tyres owe me £300 so if your're interested then that's what I'm after which is a bargain, take a look, you'll see what I mean!

I'm in Kent but could come to an arrangement regards delivery if needed.

Any questions then give me a call on 07976059079.

Thanks fellas.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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