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Hi all,

I'm reluctantly selling my Caravelle... the new mot rules stating that no fluids can be dripping from your vehicle has got it. I told the garage that we VW owners refer to one drop of oil every drive as a sweat, not a leak, but they weren't having it.

The sweat is coming from the cam or crank seal, so the job of taking off the timing belts, water pump, etc. was going to cost more than I'm willing to pay. I'm sure some of you more technically-minded folks may be able to fix this on your own, it's beyond my capability.

I put on about 4K miles per year and have owned it for almost 3 years. Mostly used for transporting mountain bikes about.

  • All tyres renewed within the last year
  • 6 seats
  • New exhaust last year
  • Full service for the last three years (I'm not sure about owners before me)
  • Tinted rear windows
  • 215,000 miles (mostly done in it's first few years when it was a taxi)

I should also mention that there a strange rattling coming from the gearbox area (perhaps the flywheel?), so can't guarantee this is in top nick. It's currently declared off the road.

So happy to sell for someone to restore, or to have as spare parts. I am looking for £1000, ono.

Happy to answer any questions or provide more photos.


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