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Reliable weekly used camper / day van. Removable bed for flexible use.

Part complete conversion project ready to use today and perfect with some minor additions. Loathe to part with it but a recent baby in the family requires extra seats and some growing up!
Very fair price for a much loved family van. Happy to answer any questions but some details below on its current state.

2.5TDI (88)
187,500 miles.
White panel van.
Clean van in good nick for its age/mileage as hopefully you can see from the pictures. I've tried to list all negative points below, but they're minor anyway.

Runs well. No major faults. Drives nicely.
We've had it serviced annually with all the correct regular work done (cam belts etc. as per normal schedule) and any other issues fixed as and when. All at a good local garage in Exeter.
It has 2 on-running minor issues - 1. if left for more than a few weeks it can require a spray of easy start to get it firing - there may be a small leak somewhere in the fuel line near the engine apparently letting air in over time. I haven't looked into this further. 2. There's some oil showing on parts beneath the engine but we've never been able to find a leak and never had to top it up between services. It doesn't drip beneath the van even over long periods. It's done this for many years.
No major work recently but the injectors were replaced a couple of years ago.
I've just found out it's due the MOT next month so I'll get that done before sale.

Has a few minor surface rust spots here and there, pretty much as you'd expect for a van of its age I guess. I think you can see them all in the pics.
Remaining signwriting is easy to remove (I already removed lots).

Ply lined and floored. Insulated.
Good varnished ply floor in the rear with a sheet of rubber beneath for sound insulation. Roof and sides insulated.
DIY wooden bed/seat in the back, 6'x4', which works very well as a bed and will be included (not photographed for lack of time).
Part-built storage unit along the side, which we ended up leaving open at the top and back and just using it flexibly.
Driver's seat is a bit worn, in keeping with its age - left hand bolster on the upright section is sagging, right hand horizontal section ditto.
Bench passenger seat.
Seats have been waterproof covered for most of the last 8 years though.
JVC CD radio with ipod controls, remote control and rear speakers added, works with older ipods only (I'll include mine).

Original steel wheels from a 2003 van. 4x Michelin tyres with a fair amount of wear left.
Has a tow hook but I don't recall ever using it so electrics etc. not checked.
Security grills on the barn doors.
New battery last year is the AGM type.

We've owned it since May 2007, using it mainly for cycling and a bit of camping. Full service history since then but not before.
We're selling it because with a new baby we bought a T5 Kombi. We've used this van less in the last year or so, but weekly before then.

We are 8 miles from Exeter.

£2,500 ONO


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Cheers Jez and I wish you many happy miles in it. Where will you fit the Welsh flag?

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