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This van is located in Belfast - Northern Ireland. I'd be happy to pick up anyone from either Airport. Do a tour and then Its a short ferry ride back to the mainland!

2002 VW T4 Transporter 2.5tdi (ACV) 102BHP with ~ 151,000 Miles (the image of the speedo was taken a few months ago after a good clean). This is the Transporter engine that everyone wants!

It's a 4 seater - 2 berth camper LWB so a bit more room - but still fits in a standard parking space! It has central locking (front doors only) and electric front windows. It does NOT have air conditioning.

The rear seats are rock n roll 2 berth with 2 seat belts. There is a Smev 2 ring cooker alongside a small sink with electric cold water dispenser. There are 2 tanks for wastewater and freshwater. There is a red Calor gas tank in the van (with some gas!)

This camper comes with approx. 6x3 m air beam driveaway awning. It's a 2017 Outdoor Revolution Movelite T4 and has the extended front canopy (never used) and carpet with the inner 2 bedrooms (4 berths) tent along with a couple of groundsheets.

The 2 single seats up front are from a Mercedes A-Class (Non-swivel). Very comfy though!

There are 4 cupboards in the back along the driver side - the first is usually occupied by the portable Cooler (we use a Lidl 12v / mains Cooler that fits perfectly.)
The middle is taken up with the tanks (fresh & wastewater) the third has space for cooking bits and also contains the Gas tank.
The last larger cupboard we used for storing the external table and chairs and other bits like electric hookup cable, sleeping bags etc.
There is also storage space underneath the rock'n'roll bed.
There is a table that links to the rail along the edge of the cupboards for dining.

It has mains hookup that provides power for 2 mains sockets in the cabin.
The LED lights and USB/ 12v sockets run off the engine battery.
It has a gooseneck towbar with standard towbar electrics (black).

There is a Kenwood FM/CD/USB player along with a Nokia Bluetooth kit.
Its has 4 authentic 16 inch VW alloy wheels with van load rated tyres (104s).
Its has MOT until 31st May 2020.

Some bad points:
There is starting to be some rusting on the wheel arches and along the sills but it's not too bad at the moment. There is a couple of rust spots on the roof and there used to be a roof rack on it so the glue used for that is still seen on the roof.

There is a tiny leak on the driver side rear window that I have never been able to get to the bottom of but placing a small towel rolled up against deals with it. There is a bit of swelling behind the sink as a result of the leak - its been there since I've had the van - but no other issues with it as such.

It puts out a bit of black smoke on startup but settles down once running. There is plenty of power and I have regularly run this to Dublin and Donegal from Belfast and back with no issues at all. It will happily run up to 85 mph, but for fuel and comfort, 60 - 70mph is your best bet

There are 2 dents on the back tailgate.

Please bear in mind this is an 18-year-old vehicle - so it's not in perfect condition. The paintwork is pretty good for its year.

I have had the camper serviced with my local mechanic and where it needed any work - it was done.
E.g. Rear brake calliper, 2 new heavy-duty rear springs and shock absorbers, correct 16-inch wheels and load rated tyres, regular oil and filters change prior to every MOT.
I will dig out as many receipts as I can find and I have the original handbook and Haynes Manual.
The timing belt, tensioner and water pump were done at 128083 miles (7/6/2016) prior to me getting the camper.
The Camper originated in Ireland and there is full-service history up until 20/03/2013. It then went to the mainland UK where it was converted. I have only some records of servicing in that time, plus whatever I can pull from my own records (from October 2017 - present).

I wasn't going to sell the camper for a long time but have realised that it's not getting the use it should and so has become my car instead!
So its time to find the camper a good home where it can be used to its full potential! It's ready to hit the festivals or tour!

I am looking £8500 OVNO.

This is a cracking Camper and will provide someone with a great deal of pleasure for many years!

Thanks for looking!
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