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So I’ve got a small weep of oil from the filter housing. Just so happened to start a couple of hundred miles after an oil and filter change which from reading other posts i have found to be a common thing.

Anyways my plan is to remove the filter housing, clean, replace seals ect ect.

from what I can see in the area there is an oil feed or return pipe from the turbo which looks to have a union type connector to the filter housing there is also a 2nd pipe fitting which looks to have a crush seal or O ring inside and possibly some sort of pressure sensor? (This was a 2 minute glance in the area whilst under the van today)

going to replace the gasket on the mating face of the filter housing to engine block and was also gunna get new crush seals or O rings for the pipes I will remove.

My question is....

is there anything else in that are I should look at? The leak isn’t higher that the filter housing and so I “Ass U Me” the housing seal is the culprit.

Also can anyone tell me if there is a sensor in that particular area and what it does?

ive a good idea some one on here will have done this by now and knows what is what.

Thanks in Advance

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