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This was a hard decision to make, but the time has come for me to part with my T5. I’ve owned this for 5 years now during which time I’ve spent a small fortune on it, as you will see below.

A bit of history….
I bought it as a panel van in November 2014 & overtime transformed it into what you see today. I had the company I bought it from install side windows, sound deadening, insulation & carpet the back & also install rear seats & retrim the front seats to match. After some time I started to notice small rust bubbles down either side of the lower half of the van (which T5’s are well known for) so I had this sorted which involved stripping either side back to bare metal & then everything resprayed except for the roof.
Since then I’ve gradually modified the rest of the van including the engine which is currently producing roughly 250hp & 580nm with NO smoke. This is genuinely a quick van & it leaves a lot of people amazed. With its current spec, it’s capable of more & I’ve previously had it at 265hp & 610nm however it was a little too smokey for my liking (although it wasn’t actually that bad looking back). With refurbished/upgraded injectors & water/meth, the van has the potential to make 290-300hp.

Basic Spec:
  • 2009 ‘59’ VW Transporter T5 T30 LWB 2.5tdi 174
  • Current Mileage: 149000 (will go up slightly as used daily as the moment)
  • Factory fitted Caravelle bumper
  • Genuine Sportline splitter
  • Factory fitted stainless side bars
  • Factory fitted rear spoiler
  • Cruise control
  • Air conditioning
  • Electric windows
  • Heated & electrically adjustable mirrors (not power folding)
  • Captains drivers’ seat + 2-seater passenger bench
  • Full service history (struggling to find the book at the moment, but I have all the receipts to show this)
  • Fully sound deadened, insulated & carpeted
  • Altro ‘coal’ flooring to the rear
  • 2+1 ‘Bentley stitch’ rail mounted rear seats, individually reclining with arm rests – These are versatile; to give you an idea, with them pushed fully forward I’m able to fit 2 motorbikes behind them & they’ll still seat 3 comfortably.
  • Front Seats recovered to match rears
  • Travelin-lite auto headlight kit
  • T5.1 Facelift dash centre
  • 8” Android head unit with reversing camera, Bluetooth, dvd etc
  • Morel Audio Tempo front speakers
  • Pioneer rear speakers
  • I did have a subwoofer installed under the back seats however I will be keeping this
  • ‘Back to metal’ complete respray (except roof) in original colour completed to an extremely high standard – this was over £4000 alone.
  • Previously detailed by White Details & coated in GTechniq CS Black – the shine & reflection is still unbelievable even after 18months!
  • 20” Stuttgart ST3 wheels – 8.5J front & 10j rear
  • Vredestein Ultra Vorti tyres – 4mm fronts, 5mm rears
  • Lowered on H&R 40mm springs, original dampers
  • T5.1 facelift mirrors
  • Removeable swan-neck Westfalia towbar with electrics
  • GT18/60 Hybrid Turbo from TDITurbos
  • Wagner Evo1 large intercooler
  • Forge silicone pipe kit
  • Forge EGR delete kit
  • 3” DPF back PPTuning straight through stainless exhaust (no silencers)
  • Current tune by Bobby Singh – although it may not be maxed out at the moment, the map is wonderfully smooth & there is no smoke. Even without a DPF it’s still able to pass the smoke test on the MOT.
  • Serviced approx. every 6000 miles during my ownership (completed by myself) – last oil filter change at 145000 miles in September. Water pump replaced in previous service in Feb 2019.
  • DPF – As you will see in the MOT history, on the last MOT it failed due to evidence of the DPF being gutted. I now have both the gutted DPF & a complete one, both will come with the van & it’s down to you which you use.
The majority of the work has been completed by myself. I’m a mechanical engineer by trade & my day job is working on Gas Turbines so I’m more than capable. I prefer to do as much as possible myself as then I know it’s been done properly.
The following work which is outside of the normal service workscope has also been completed recently. I believe in preventative maintenance rather than corrective, so most things have been completed before it was necessary:
  • Standard turbo replaced with new GT18/60 hybrid at 133080 miles – February 2018
  • DMF, Clutch & slave cylinder replaced at 133688 miles – April 2018
  • Front discs & pads replaced at 135639 miles – August 2018
  • Drive shafts, stub shafts & stub shaft seals replaced at 140872 miles – April 2019
  • Rear wheel bearings replaced at 142422miles – May 2019
  • Camshaft kit from LEC – I purchased this earlier in the year with the intention of replacing the camshaft as a preventative measure, but I just haven’t had time. There are no signs that the camshaft or follows will fail any time soon, I just prefer to be safe than sorry. I will include this in the sale for the new owner to have fitted when they are ready.
I would be lying if I said it was show condition, but it is as close to being immaculate as a daily used van can be. The following few points are the only things to note:
  • There is a small crack in the front Sportline splitter (about ½” long) – this is not noticeable unless you’re looking for it & it hasn’t got any worse since it cracked.
  • There are a few stone chips on the front end. I try to keep on top of them & touch them up, but it’s inevitable with a flat fronted van.
  • The wheels would benefit from a refurb. They look tidy from a distance but there is some curbing on all wheels.
  • There’s the odd scuff on the Altro vinyl floor behind the rear seats where I’ve had motorbikes in the back etc, but they aren’t visible when the floor is cleaned.
Whoever buys the van will also get first refusal of the following parts. Prices are fixed & if the new owner doesn’t want these I will be advertising them separately at what they’re actually worth:
  • Brembo 4pot RS3/TTRS front calipers with Vagbremtechnic mounting kit & 340mm discs – the calipers were overhauled August 2018 & haven’t been refitted since. I’ve seen a similar kit advertised for £800 recently - £600
  • Used OEM turbo – I kept the turbo that was removed when the hybrid was installed. The vanes are a little sticky but it’s perfectly useable & ideal for a refurb - £80
  • ProTec Fitted Cover with a Carband – this is was heavy duty, breathable, made to measure cover with a soft lining & Velcroed access panels for the side & rear doors. The Carband is basically a big elastic band which fits around the bottom half of the van to offer even more protection. This was originally £500 & it’s in perfect condition - £250.
  • I also have various other parts which are either originals from the van or have just never been fitted. I will include these with the sale.
The van is located just outside of Lincoln & viewings can be made at any time of the day with prior arrangement. Test drives are welcome, but proof of insurance & funds will be required. The van is sold as seen with no warranty offered or implied. I will not listen to any offers unless you view the van first & don't come thinking you’ll get X000 off… Please do not waste my time! The registration shown in the photos has now been removed; please PM me for the current reg if required.

No doubt I’ve missed a few things, but this gives you a good idea of the type of van it is. I genuinely believe this is one of the best pre-facelift vans out there & whether you’re just looking for kombi/day van or something to build on, you really won’t be disappointed. I’m sure there’s going to be a tear in my eye when I watch it drive away!

Finally, the price.... £12,500 ono

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