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◾▪◾2009 VW T5 1.9TDI 104bhp ◾▪◾

This vehicle has covered over 100k mileage and also has / had a speed limiter which hasn't allowed the engine to be revved which can lead to carbon buildup and we can clearly see the turbo control on the standard Dyno graph is poor. This also suffered with terrible engine start up when the engine was as running temp.

✅ Speed Limiter Removed
✅ Hot Start Fixed in Software
✅ In-Depth Engine Check & Datalogs
✅ Calibrated Before Dyno Print Out
✅ Calibrated Custom Tuned Dyno Print Out
✅ Pendle Quality Certificate

➡ Standard Power - 105bhp & 260Nm
➡ Pendle Custom Tuned Power - 137bhp & 314Nm

Price - £275+VAT

Pendle are the best in the business at custom tuning diesel engines and we pride ourselves on the dedicated hard work that goes into our software calibration.

Get tuned by the best, get tuned by Pendle

To book in with Pendle HQ Tel - 01282 851025
To book in with a Pendle Agent - http://www.pendleperformance.com/agents.php

[email protected]
01282 851025

Van On the Maha Dyno

Before Dyno Graph (See the poor turbo and torque control)

After Dyno Graph

This is V.Important the in-depth live datalogging still tuners do not do this nor understand the data (I'm going to write a guide on understanding this data when I get more time for everyone)

Pendle Quality Certificate


Transporter Tuning Specialist
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The certificate says it's only done 10,000 miles...
This vehicle has just done over 100k mileage... our automated certificate generator might need a tweak at displaying the full vehicle mileage, but nevertheless this vehicle had cover just over 100k mileage and it a ex-hire vehicle which came with a hardwired in speed limiter which all Pendle Agents are trained at locating and being able to disable!!

Custom Tuning @ Its Best
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