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2015 VW T5.1 2.0TDI-CR 102bhp

The 2010 onwards 2.0TDI-CR 84bhp / 102bhp & 140bhp are 100% the same engine, same turbo, injectors, intercooler etc etc etc. Its just the engine control unit that software restricts the engines to the bhp spec. Now the 140bhp model uses the stronger 6speed gearbox whereas the 84bhp & 102bhp use the 5speed gearbox so we have to custom tune these to suit.

Pendle are happy to prove our work time after time with correctly calibrated dyno figures (please see attached images)

Standard Power 109bhp & 249Nm
Custom Tuned Power 166bhp & 340Nm

Forum Price £345+VAT

Pendle Agents can be searched for here - http://www.pendleperformance.com/agents.php

Pendle Performance
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