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Hello i have a 2005 t5 2005 174bhp factory combi which i love but is getting a bit old and a bit tatty so i recently i got the chance and bought another van off a mate which is a white barn door 2016 66 plate swb t28 ply lined basic van,very tidy but with 106k on it ,although just having had a new timing belt,water pump etc changed .i had the idea of coverting it either to a combi as a replacement and then selling my t5,but after driving the new van i have changed my mind as i much prefer the 2.5 power house so could do with some advice as to the best way to optimise my purchase so i can put some funds into the tidy up the t5!

1.so do i sell it as it is ( theres no vat on it)
2. Convert to combi and then sell
3. Or get a full camper conversion done and then sell
i am struggling to decide a cost and value at the end for each scenario,and if i converst iy it may not be to teh majoritys taste.

I am in mid wales so also need advice on my 2005 bumpers which were textured and painted years ago before i bought it but now the paint is all cracking off so to replace or repaint locally ideally
thank you
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