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Hello Fellow Veedubbers

Is anybody running a 240V Fridge off an invertor ?

if so what size invertor and make ?

also how many leasure batteries do you have ?

i know there are a few questions but just thinking of fitting a new invertor that will also run the 240v fridge T:

may even fit 2 more 80ah batteries to give me 360ah :D

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Forget it!
A fridge may take around 100W RUNNING...but the start up power can be 20x this amount! (2kW inverter?!?!?!) That size inverter will be taking around 5 amps just on stand-by...and 80-90% efficient at best when at FULL capacity...maybe down to 50% when not loaded to full.

Check out some Boating sites (especially NarrowBoats), as there are a few 12v compressor fridges available....take similar power as a 240v model, but have 12v motors (STILL be aware of the 20x starting current though...the one I had in my boat stated that cables up to 2m total (+ and - combined) could be 6mm, up to 4m total 10mm but after that, 16mm....you NEED the full supply to get that compressor up to speed fast, or it just burns out).
They ARE more economical on supply than the heat fed ones (like the 2-3 way ones), but you have to put up with the compressor noise. If I remember correctly, my "LEC" one that was same size as a domestic, under-worktop one took about 3 amps average....compared to 5 amps for the Peltier type (coolbox) and 10 amps for the "normal" 2-3 way ones. (The 12/240/gas ones are the worst for efficiency, but good IF you have gas, or use a hook-up most of the time).

Also, I say "average" power, 'cos everytime you open the door you let all the cold air out. IF the door is closed overnight, chances are the compressor will kick in for about 2 mins and then "go back to sleep".
During daytime, it will be on and off as you open the door....current actually needed is about 10 amps, but it doesn't need it all the time....really, it should be and Amp/Hour rating (about 3 for the one I had).
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