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***SOLD***48,000 mile, 2008, LWB Full Blown Camper - ***SOLD***

This advert is for our 2008 VW T5 which started off life as a LWB panel van, the original owner was an electrician so it didn’t see a strenuous start to life, it was subsequently part exchanged for a newer model and bought via VW Approved used vans by the second private owner who then sold it to us in May 2015.

The credentials about the van are pretty important and when looking we saw some very varied examples and some which had done 100k, 120k and more which when you factor in the cost of converting it on top almost seems wasted money. When we bought the van it had just ticked over 42,000 miles and it is now showing 47,500 or there abouts. It has the desirable options such as being a LWB – the extra 40cm volume makes a massive difference when converting, it’s the 2.5tdi chain driven engine, 6 speed manual, it has A/C, electric windows and mirrors, rear parking sensors plus the all important tailgate.

The van has a full service history with a stamped book and was serviced last month by Nathan at Wagen Worx in Burnham on Sea who knows a thing or two about T5’s! It was MOT’d today so has a fresh 12 months MOT with the only advisories being front tyres that are approaching the wear bars and front pads are also nearing needing changing.

As you can see from the pictures it has the Sportline chrome side tubes, the later 5.1 genuine VW load rated Sportline alloys to complement the Caravelle/Sportline front end and tailgate spoiler. There are Audi style DRL headlights, a Kenwood double din headunit with Bluetooth, sat nav and DVD capability, LED canbus error free numberplate bulbs and Sportline clear/red rear light clusters.
Having got the base van right we then set about working out what we wanted from a conversion and where to source what bits and in what order, so in roughly the order it was done the conversion comprises of –

*RevampaVan insulated and carpet lined rear of van.
*HiLo elevating roof fitted with charcoal canvas, two side-opening windows with flynets and a front fixed window, elevating bed base providing full standing height for upto 6’3 also bed boards tested to 50 stone. This is simply the best roof option in my opinion, when closed it deceives nearly everyone with no hint of a roof and when open the room is incredible – 0.5m at the LOWEST end!
*Upgraded suedette roof trim including full cab headlining (grey centre with black surrounds) and aluminium trim finishers around opening.
*LED flush lights fitted above sliding door and connected to original rear light so when unlocking or opening the door they activate then dim out after a preset time. LED push on/off flush lights in panel above bed for reading.
*Newly ply-lined floor with Altro flooring and stainless door finishers side and rear.
*VanDoc fitted full glazing including dummy rear o/s to match the inset of the front windows (OCD I guess!) in dark privacy which includes the rear tailgate.
*Front double seat removed and genuine VW captains seat sourced in matching Inca trim along with genuine VW base and replacement cab mat.
*Sportscraft swivel bases for drivers and passengers front seats – fantastically over engineered but no rocking or rattling like some other options.
*Evo Motion ‘Evo 5 Curve’ furniture kit in gloss white, dark grey edging, satin silver push button openers, dark Zebrano worktop and matching removable table. This configuration includes a recess for a top loading fridge however we didn’t fit one instead using it as additional storage, however there is a swictched 12v feed in place should you wish to fit one.
*Evo Motion LED shelf that runs above the o/s rear window the full length of the units with an integrated switchable LED strip and useful storage on top.
*Scopema 112cm RIB seat/bed in grey/grey fabric, at the time of ordering the stock was blockaded in France so Kiravans had the grey/grey on the shelf and at some point it was intended that we would re-trim the interior to match. This was purchased with the dedicated Kiravans fitting kit which in turn means this installation is certificated. The install was again carried out by Nathan at Wagen Worx, photos are available of this installation as cannot be seen without ramp/spare wheel removal. Although expensive this was the only choice for us as it would be used as a fulltime seat for our daughter and the RIB is crash tested and TUV approved.
*JAS Conversions full 12v and mains installation including an auto sensing split charger which continually keeps the leisure battery topped up without any need to switch charging over. Mains connection fitted neatly to underside of van visible from rear o/s corner of bumper. There are three mains sockets in the van with suitable RCD and two 12v sockets.
*CAN sink and two burner gas hob, onboard water tank and gas with through van waste water drainage.
*Van-X blackout stretch fitted curtains.
*Gallant bespoke fit blackout cab blinds which are an amazing product and give complete privacy without loosing space by shutting of the cab area.
* A recently purchased Outdoor Revolution Oxygen 2 inflatable drive-away awning erected once in 2015 as a demo model. As new condition but as yet we do not have the awning channel on the van so can still be used but without figure 8 bead. This may be included depending on the final agreed price for the van and whether the new purchaser requires it.

I think this more or less covers the conversion there maybe some additional small items that have been missed but the above enabled us to have the vehicle changed on the V5 to a motorhome with the DVLA. This has several benefits including cheaper MOT testing as no longer commercial and savings on insurance plus it is no longer restricted to 60mph.

The van was purchased as a family project myself, wife and daughter had plans to get away at the drop of a hat for weekends here and there and due to the cost of anything T5 related was purchased jointly with my mum. Initially the V5 was in my name to allow the addition of a personalised plate but when this was removed and insurance was up for renewal it was transferred over into my mums name and is currently stored at her address in Weston Super Mare.
As with any used vehicles there are always some negative points and it’s not any different with this van –

The front is quite stone chipped and was like this when we bought it, we hadn’t done anything with it as we couldn’t decide whether to facelift it to a 5.1 or keep it the same and have it refreshed. If we were keeping the van the front end would stay and be blown over as it seems everyone is fitting a 5.1 front end.

As mentioned earlier the MOT highlighted front tyres approaching wear bars and front pads getting close.

There is some alteration required with the stock VW handbrake in order for the Sportscraft bases to be fitted, this has been done however the original cover for the handbrake no longer fits. It requires some alteration of an original or the sourcing of an aftermarket one.

Finally there is some paint chipping around the rear parking sensors, this was intended to be sorted when the rear bumper came of to fit a towbar however we hadn’t got to that stage as yet.

So there we have it a genuine low mileage van with a superb full-blown camper conversion. It is a fantastic van and has been used by us on a few occasions but sadly due to a change in both my own and my mum’s circumstances it is now being offered for sale. The conversion including the van purchase is fast approaching £30,000 and we have paperwork to backup practically all of the parts bought/fitted. There is still some work to do, which would allow the new owner to put their own stamp on it like a re-trim of front and rear seats for example. But it is literally ready to pick up and go camping. Please don’t confuse this for a van done on the cheap by Fred in a Shed as this was done for our family, not to turn some dog eared builders van into profit like so many offered for sale. Every aspect of this conversion was carefully considered and in our mind the best products selected for the end result.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, the van can be viewed at anytime with a bit of notice in Weston Super Mare (junction 21 M5).

Please no timewasters this is a genuine sale, the price is £26,750 that is what buys this van and most probably the brand new awning and possibly a few accessories which were bought as well.

Pictures speak a thousand words -

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