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well i bough a 52 plate Volkswagen Caddy a week ago and finally got chance to pick it up today.

its a little rough around the edges but the main issues with it are: -

offside headlamp not working on dipped beam
nearside headlamp not working on main beam
brake pedal spongy (it had the rear brakes changes and they never bleed them up after wards)
nearside headlamp aim beam incorrect (headlamp bracket broken)
nearside front shock serious fluid leak (have new front shock waiting)
offside rear fog lamp not working (due to burnt out loom)
fog lamp tell tale light not working (hoping this is due to the burnt out loom also)
no rear brake lights (have new brake switch to go in)

the rear light loom was burnt out when the last owner went to a scrap yard to get a replacement brake light switch but could only find a two pin one instead of the four pin one it needed, so instead of saying o well and buying a new one for £13 he tried to get the two pin one working which did not go very well at all due it kept blowing fuses, then he thought it would be a good idea to keep putting a bigger fuses in until it burnt the loom out.

the other bad bits that are not so important for now are: -

back window on nearside door smashed
rear lower latch on offside rear door not working
dirty and mouldy inside due to window being left open for about 6 months
could do with a tidy up outside as well

i think thats pretty much all the bad bits that i need to fix over time, i need to try and make sure that this dose not turn into a full on project like my T4 as i really dont have time to do another one as much as i would like to make it look nice again

bits i have for it so far are
Genuine brake light switch £12.59

New but cheap front shock £35.00 inc vat

ive also got the burnt bits of the loom cut out and replaced today, just need to loom tape it up tomorrow and then stick it back in along with the rest of the interior which i will clean as i put it back in

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had a few other issues with the caddy van.

the big issue was that i found the ecu was full of water and once id left it to dry out for a few days in the house, i then plugged it back in to find that it was dead. so had to order a recon one which turned up today

now with any luck everything will work as it should and it can go for its mot
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