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VW Caravelle
2.4 Diesel
MOT 28/05/15
194k miles
Cambelt & tensioner done 17k ago

Tax Valid till end of the month so will get you home legally
9 Seater re trimmed in leather/vinyl throughout in very good order, Golf GTI steering wheel
Tinted windows
Mercedes AMG alloys (2 need a refurb)
Stainless sidebars
Wooden frame that turns the back row of seats into a full size bed frame (just need a futon matress and your away)

Bodywork 80% good, both front arches have rust, one of the outer cills has rust by the back wheel, rear tailgate glass has a bit of rust on the bottom edge and a few little bits here and there, been quoted £420 to sort all bits out including new wings or £750 for a full respray at a local paint specialist.
Myself personally i think its fine as is but a decent respray, 2 wheels refurbed and you will have yourself a seriously clean good running van.

A few small issues
Wipers are intermittent, iv seen them work so must be a relay or dry joint
Rear tailgate outside handle needs looking at, opens fine from the inside
Buttons are missing off the heater controls, not the power ones, the direction hot/cold ones, i have had the panel off and they work fine so just need replacing.
Drivers door has a niggle that when you go to open it, it locks itself, advice off here says it just needs a bit of electrical tape on the lock pull up, will have a go myself but its there
2nd gear is hard to engage on the way down (see further down)
Side loading door rubs on the rear tyre when opening (sure i saw a thread on here how to use a washer to widen the gap if you were bothered).
Rear tyres are mint, front tyres have loads of tread but have cracking so will probs fail the MOT £45 each new

Recently done (this week as of 16/02)
New bottom ball joints (both sides)
New anti roll bar linkages (both sides)
New track rod ends (both sides)
New front discs and pads (both sides) (Delphi)
New oil & filter, air filter, fuel filter

Gear linkage repair done, both front nylon ball and sockets have been replaced so gear change is nice and tight.
2nd gear is tricky sometimes changing down, its there and there is no crunch, its just a minor adjustment needed, the hard work is done. i have had a few T4's and all suffered with vague gear change, this is nice and tight.

The dash and cab area is very clean, no holes from cb's, sat navs etc, everything works, the rear is the same, carpetted out, the middle row are on mushroom bolts so just pop out if not needed, its all straight and very presentable.

The van is 19 years old so dont expect a minter but as you can see in the pictures, it a nice looking ride
All suspension and steering has been tightened up, its serviced, doesnt need the belt doing, new brakes.
Chuck £500-£1000 (less if you have a mate that can paint) at this and you could have a potential show van on your hands or use it as it is and watch it appreciate in value for doing nothing but enjoying it.
I have the V5 logbook, loads of old MOT's, proof of cambelt change and receipts for work i have done recently, there is no service book here.

Im looking for £3000 as this has the potential to be show quality,
Im firm on that but get your offers in as its here to be sold, if its still here in 2 weeks i will be looking to drop the price.
If you are putting an offer in then PM me with your mobile number and offer amount
Please tho, no messers, i have ebay for that!

Cheers guys and any questions just get in touch, im no expert but will help if i can


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