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Afternoon T4 goers

After a bit of advice, I have replace my engine (never again!) and had to disconnect the linkage to the box. I lost a load of bits in the gap between moving units and then to a driveway, I got the bits and then put the selector - box link rod in backwards A: I couldn't really get any gears, I kind of could but they weren't where they should be.

I swapped the rod back round and now have gears \o/ however I have the none VW velle box (FIAT :eek: ) and I have to push the lever down to get 1st and 2nd if not I get 3rd and 4th. Reverse is in the same place as 6th would be on this box.
Because it has been off, I have moved the selector bracket on the box through just about every position I can but it only seems to fully locate and bolt down fully in one place, the horsshoe bracket then fits but is at an angle to the bar when in neutral.

Is there a set way to hook this up? I have tried putting box and lever in 1st whilst connecting, 2nd, reverse and neutral and it just does the same damn thing everytime. I have replaced all the bushes with new and all are in the right places. I'm stumped!!
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