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Hi There, I have recently bought a '99 2.5 TDi 88 panel van (162K) with full genuine VW service history, and after driving it around for around a week now I have come up with a few concernes.

Whenever I pull up, turn off the engine and get out, the electric fan continues to run, even if I have only completed a very small journey (less then a mile for example). Is this normal? After a while it shuts off, but I have a TDi Audi, that never does this, hence my concern.

When reversing into a parking space on full lock, then turning the steering straight again, there is often a groan from the steering. This only happens when full lock has been used, never heard during normal driving.

I have Audi RS8 18" wheels and tyres (load rated) and wondered what pressure the tyres should be run at?

If anyone could shed some light on these points for me, I would be very gratefull, Thanks.

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