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That's the name of our van by the way :)

After a few weeks of diminishing returns in the old gear selection dept. we finally have a driveable bus again. Thanks to Tetcott Garage near Holsworthy ( down here in Devon). The selector arm had broken and was flexing on every change, the crack in the sides getting bigger daily. So I've had a full LUK clutch kit including bearing, arm and new DMF plus a full linkage service kit, fresh oil in the gearbox and they did the short shift mod too using the how to guide on the forum. The result is amazing. It literally clicks into gear and my knuckles never brush the dash A:

The damage? Under £670. Considering some of the wallet busting repairs I read about when reading up on the problem in the first place I'm well pleased. It's a garage I will not hesitate to recommend. ( see good garage sticky? In trade section).

The old thing is just so much nicer to drive now even from when we first got it.

Very happy camper ( and owners )

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