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So, after owning a SWB 1.9D (non turbo) for four years, and letting us take her round the UK and Europe on many amazing trips, we waved goodbye at the weekend. :-(

Didn't think I'd feel that attached to her - was like a friend leaving and knowing she'll never come back... :(:(

We've ben on the lookout for a new (LWB) van for the last 3 months, and thought the search would neverend. However, saw one last week and got chatting to the owner. I now have a 2.5TDi (88) LWB sat outside the house! Driving it back on the motorway, I've never smiled so much - what a difference to the old 1.9D! A:A:

Cambelt, water pump etc this week, then on with the conversion! Full (ish) conversion planned, over a semi conversion in our last van. Will no doubt be asking all sorts and will try and add to the wealth of knowledge here too. Here's to another 4 years (at least!!!) of happiness, tinkering and general T4 living!

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