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I bought a T4 LWB Panel Van a few years ago, on a "S" Plate, running a 5 cylinder 2.4
non-turbo motor (AJA). I think the van is great, and had it not been for a few dinks
and a large dent I would have done it up, will get it fixed use for the summer and get
myself one of the last T4's with the 2.5 TDi motor, 102bhp sounds better than 55 ;-))
Anyway, having a valve head detach itself from the stem on a 20,000mile new complete
dealer fitted head and completey nuke the engine .......... where's the receipt in the
complete service history supplied by the previous owner when you need it..
I ended up fitting an earlier AAB engine in the hole fitting the 02B gearbox from the AJA
c/w AJA flywheel, new clutch (weird looking thing, and so many small fixing bolts aswell)
I had to remove the tensioner from the alternator ..etc.. and run a belt the exact diameter.
Having paid for the motor there was no going back .......
All ran fine for a year until the other half was driving and it lost reverse, then 5th then
limping off the M25 last bank holiday ....... blew the lot ;-(
My question is this, the 02B box seems to have cut the top end, and improved acceleration
as you might expect as it's not matched to the earlier engine. If I source a gearbox to
match the earlier AAB engine how much of the flywheel, clutch, clutch slave cylinder
assembly ..etc....etc... will I need to find to get myself up and running again ??
How much of the remains of the original AJA associated parts will I have to junk
to get the correct gearbox to run correctly ??
I'm in a real panic now as a Recon box is really expensive and finding a good used box
is the only real option - the old box is coming out in the next few days, and I still have to be
in Belgium for the last weekend of the month .........a really tight deadline for me !
I don't have the engine number to hand, but can have a rummage tomorrow if needs be.
The current gearbox ref is KTS 2-1 followed by 02B 409320 (D), I have found another box
on Ebay <sigh> that has a KTS 2-2 prefix all other numbers are correct.
Another Question: What does ths kTS 2-2 prefix refer to ??
Richard (Southampton)

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Sounds like you had a Transporter "close ratio" gearbox rather than a Caravelle "economy" gearbox...

Anyway, to answer your queries the AAB has a 215mm normal clutch and flywheel, the AJA has a 219mm clutch and dual mass flywheel, which can be interchanged - PP folk usually swop out to a 228mm clutch and flywheel from a 2.5 petrol...

I'm pleased to say that your choice of Caravelle gearboxes is (the codes should be cast on the final drive housing) quite wide...

From the T4a (prefacelift) you have...

CCY, CHS, CRN which have a 5th gear ratio of 0.756 and a final drive ratio of 4.611
CPV (5th = 0.769/ F.D = 4.563)

From the T4b...

DJZ, DQL, EVY (5th = 0.756/ F.D = 4.611)
DCW (5th = 0.769 / F.D = 4.563)
DQH, EVW (5th = 0.744 / F.D = 4.563)

All bar the DQH and EVW equate to 66mph at 3,000rpm 5th gear cruising - these two cruise at 69mph at 3,000 rpm (the EVY and EVW are fitted to the later 2.5 petrol engined Caravelles).

If you wanted to get a gearbox rebuilt, why not go the extra mile and fit an overdrive 5th gear as discussed in Finding Fifth Gear, but going too tall may be counter productive as the torque band on the AAB is very narrow (peaks at 164Nm between 1880-2200rpm compared to 160Nm between 1900-2900rpm for the AJA engine)...

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Hi Stephen
I'll be getting the dead gearbox out of my T4 this weekend hopefully and then I can work out where
the three letter reference code is that you mention above. Hopefully the older T4 in the breakers
still has it's code in place so I can check. The problem I have is time as I'm away to Belgium and
Holland at the end of the month (in this van). Another problem is that I'm not in the best of health
so I have to rely on others to do the gearbox swap. I also don't have an engine hoist to get the
engine to tilt to enable the box to be dropped out (That's if the Pocket Book is correct about
leaving the engine in).
I'll update my posting here when I find out what I have, and what I have found in the local breakers
Thanks for the very comprehensive advice

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Just a quick update, Stephen cheers for the link to AggieT4's 5th Gear Swap posting as I have now been
able to find the gearbox code on the replacement gearbox: It is DJZ

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A Final Update: Cheers to all that offered advice, I finally found a nice tight DJZ box, and having completely fitted it on the Tuesday with a new MOT (not even an advisory) we left Southampton. Boat to Calais, then Heusden-Zolder in Belgium, ending up at our Motorcycle Clubs Clubhouse in Zanstad (Amsterdam) for last weekend, and home again. Total of 950 miles on an untested gearbox with absolutely no problems at all.
Considering selling the van to finance my mortgage as unemployed, for the last 6 months now. Shame, having sorted all the gremlins out, someone it going to get a slightly tatty but mechanically excellent van for peanuts ........
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