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Hi. Van has head off due to pressurised coolant by exhaust gases. It has been pressure checked and skimmed but I got the turbo checked as there was oil in the exhaust side. The guy said it was toast due to low oil pressure and I should get that fixed or the new turbo will go the same way.
How can I check oil pressure without the turbo being fitted? Unless there's a way of running the van minus the turbo I see no other choice than to put it all back together and fit an oil pressure gauge to see what pressure I get.
Can I alleviate the damage to the turbo somehow? I know the engine needs to be at normal operating temp to get a true pressure reading.
Next question is how to/ where to fit a pressure gauge?
Having confirmed that oil pressure is low is it a case of sump off to check oil pump, strainer, pick up pipe?
I have spent so much time and money on this van, but I cant afford another engine off a Golf or whatever so I'm stuck trying to make this one work properly. Mileage is currently 170000.
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