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I can see someone has a similar issue on here just earlier today.

My ABS and yellow warning symbols are showing on the dash. I have fixed all the issues for my CT (MOT) apart from this one. As usual, I've left it till the last minute for my return visit which I have to do in the next two days. Actually, I also had to reformat my laptop, setup a virtual machine so I could use my one time reset for VAG-COM Lite which seems to work well.

So....how do I get the bloody warning lights off? The ABS works and the brakes are in top condition so to get through the test I'll happily disconnect something so the warning doesn't show.

VAG-COM is telling me 00301 - ABS Return Flow Pump (V39) 35 - 00 --. The specific messages changes slightly and I've noted them but I seem to recall the last one was something about the signal being out of range.

If I clear the fault code, sometimes it doesn't come back for a day or two. More recently, it goes for a couple of hours. Today, it won't clear for more than a couple of minutes so my sitting round the corner from the test centre and clearing the code was pointless! :rolleyes:

I've checked all the fuses.

If anyone has any pointers I'd be really grateful.

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