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I'm gonna sound like an old timer here but so what!! lol

I remember when this so called "euro" look was about keeping things simple and subtle, now it just seems to a be a competition about who can get the most ridicolous looking machine. It used to be about mods that didn't slap you round the face but crept up on you. I remember the first time I was exposed to euro inspired cars was in max power I think in the mid 90's, a couple of mk2's from Holland, again both very minimal and tidy running small wheels whilst the rest of the world was trying to get the biggest rims they could, and ALLWAYS a hard drop, non of this air ride malarkey.

Don't get me wrong that car in the original post is cool looking, it just seems to me that everything thats low with a bit of dish is considerd euro nowadays when infact a lot of it is what the original euro lookers were running away from.

Just my opinion of course :)
And i bet those mk2's had some 'tasteful' airbrushed murals on the petrol flaps too;)
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