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Hello. I have searched all evening to find a definitive answer before posting a new thread but have found nothing.
I have been working on my 1.9 TD (abl) T4 doing various things ...putting the rubber cab mat back in tonight I noticed that my accelerator pedal was nearly touching the floor....about an inch away.
Im sure its not normally that low and therefore started playing around trying to fix it....cant see anything obviously wrong with it ...have lubricated the cable by disconnecting it from the pump end and running it down the cable ...doing so I noticed the cable slides freely when pushing and pulling it ...so seems fine.
The plastic housing that holds that spring part inside moves freely with plenty of spring ....It has an electrical connection on it...does that do anything once the vehicle is running ?
Is this normal ? could I have done something removing the rubber cab mat ? are there springs on the pedal ...I didnt think so but ?
Will it reposition itself when I start it up ?
Very confused so any advice will be very much appreciated.
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