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Acronym list : Not sure if this is the best place for this but thought it might be helpful to compile a list of acronyms. If you can think of any please post below and I'll add to the list (sensible VW related ones only please!).

ABS | Anti-lock Brake Systems
ARB | Anti Roll Bar
B100 | Biofuel (100%)
BTL | Biomass To Liquid
DERV | Diesel Engined Road Vehicle
DLC | Data Link Connector
DMF | Duel Mass Flywheel
DPF | Diesel Particulate Filter
DTC | Diagnostic Trouble Code
ECU | Electronic Control Unit
EGR | Exhaust Gas Recirculation
ETKA | Elektronischer Teilekatalog
GTL | Gas To Liquid
LWB | Long Wheel Base
PAS | Power Assisted Steering
PCD | Pitch Circle Diameter
SWB | Short Wheel Base
SVO | Straight Vegetable Oil
ULSD | Ultra Low Sulpher Diesel
VAG | Volkswagon Audi Group
VCDS | VAG-COM Diagnostic System
WVO | Waste Vegetable Oil
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