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So I discovered that T5s can breakdown even when you are not using them!

My 2006 1.9 had been sat on my parents drive for 2 weeks while I was running around in another car. Walked past it Saturday and noticed the drive was wet underneath the van. On closer inspection it was coolant, lots of it.

I had the headgasket done about two months ago so just assumed the mechanic had left something loose.

Leak seemed to be coming from the weird diesel cooler (Why do we need a diesel cooler??) but eventually tracked it down to the little electric waterpump. Coolant pump 2 I think is its official name? It had sprung a leak and dropped all of the coolant over my parents drive :D

To be fair of all the things to go wrong its not a bad one £50 and 5 minutes it was changed. Its very fortunate really because a week after having the headgasket done we drove 3000 miles to spain and back in 40'C heat. Had the pump given up on that trip I would have just assumed head gasket and possibly just set the van on fire!

Question is what is that pump for?? Ive read lots of different things. Should it be running the whole time the engines on?
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