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Don't worry dude! i'm relatively new here but I can already tell you there is loads + loads of excellent advice and plenty of really good help on here i'm seeing.

Listen- everything is fixable..

if it makes you feel better I have just bought a 800 special, (last Saturday 21st Jan) I think it's a cracking good van, but to my disappointment the engine smokes loads, timing is definitely off, the starter makes a noise on start up just after starting, I can hear what I think is the clutch release bearing on idle, and I'm now suspecting she's suffering from the dreaded crank woodruff key disease, but i've had a few days since driving her back down the M1 for this to all settle in in my head, and I know this will be a cracking van, even if this engine is foobarred, i'll fit another one, probably TDi.

Sure with these problems I might of paid a bit over the odds but think of the great times you are going to have traveling around with your family!

Chin up dude! it's all fixable! T:

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