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Hi bud and welcome to the forum

Don't dispare get on to the Wales section and get chatting to some of the guys local to you and get them to look over the van for you ,

First off, get some pics up , the van might belong to member on here or someone might know about the van

Secondly try and make the van secure , when u say locks not working, do you mean with the key or central locking? If central locking then it's usually a broken wire in the flexible tube between door and van and is an easy fix

Suspension noises knocks hangs and squeaks can be anything from broken spring to worn bushes or knackered cv joints, some are easy to fix and some not

You should be able to replace the following with common tools and at little expense :
Drop links
Anti roll bar bushes
Track rod ends

Other things like upper ball joints can be tricky to do yourself but not impossible

Get some pics up :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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