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Hi all,

I have a 2003 SWB 2.5TDi. I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, so please bear that in mind with your replies!

I have been running on 18 inch alloys for several years, with 245/40R18 rubber. The van has been lowered a little (not exactly sure how much), but obviously the current setup doesn't cause any issues with clearance, etc.

Following 2 cracks to the same alloy due to the atrocious state of the roads, I've decided to move back to steels.

I would be interested in people's comments regarding the optimum wheel/tyre size combo. Some obviously feel that "stock is best" and I can see that logic, but I would be interested to hear some counter arguments.

I do like having the bigger wheels and they look smart, but I understand that the ride is probably harsher as a result.

So, I suppose what I am looking for is the best compromise between looks, comfort, road noise, etc

I realise that a lot of you are running steels now, so I'd be interested in your setup, including brands, sources, refurbishment (if necessary) and so on.

Any and all constructive comments welcome.

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