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I've just bought a 2.5 130 2006 Caravelle which has 19" Range Rover alloys with Pirelli Rosso tyres on (145/45/19's). They're run flats and are 98Y. The front 2 are near the limit. I can get Pirelli extra load all season for £138 each (I thought this was good) or in a 98Y I can get Hancook (£172), Dunlop (£230) or Bridgestone (£258).

Call me ignorant but why would a top branded tyre like Pirelli and the fact that it's extra load, be more than the others?

Anyway, my question is, are the 98Y's I have on OK for my van and presumably I'd be nuts not to snap up the Pirelli extra load tyres at this price too. I have a full size spare so run flats not really required, I'm told they're not as good a ride anyway, is that right?

Any help appreciated

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