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I am looking at a 06 plate caravelle 2.5 130 today with 255000 miles on the clock. It's up for 7k it was an ex Titan tours vehicle and the current owner has gad it for 4 years. Should I worry about the mileage.

Any advice would be great thanks

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Hi does it have a full service history ? That's quite high mileage to be fair the thing is it's not just ware and tear on the engine all the other components have also done 255k, suspension, rubber bushes,drive train, gearbox etc, if I was considering buying this van I would get an independent inspection just so you can get an idea of what sort of expenditure you might expect, check all receipts and paperwork to see what's been renewed, that will give you some idea of how it's looked after, if your serious about buying Thera some info below :

1. Park the wagon nose down on a slight slope and gently try to reverse, if it judders then you will need a new DMC shortly. About £800
2. Engage gears on the flat with the clutch down, 1st, do you get a slight judder? Yes, save up for new stub and driveshafts. About £600
3. Has the faulty designed water pump on the 2.5 been changed. Toureg customers got them done free, we get screwed.£500
4. Has the power assist pump faulty design been changed?No about £400. If yes check your air con works, no, start saving. About £300.
5. Look at the side door handle, rusting, over three years, forget the anti corrison warranty, as much use as a flat tyre, its lies they print when you purchase to make you think the wagon is a good purchase. £300. Known issue with side door handle but if over three, don't call VW you should have bought a new faulty set of wheels.
6. Is the spare wheel under the wagon and does the bolt move? Wheel c/w tyre on fleabay £75.
7. Central locking working ok, if not start by looking at the wiring under the drivers seat.£60 at a good independent auto sparky.
8. Has the fuel filter, air filter ever been changed? £100. Check the AC filter if you have AC, dealer never change it.
9. Check discs for wear, VW discs are soft, I replace them around 60K with annodised, don't wear as quick and don't rust. £150 a set front with pads at a good independent.
10. Look for soot around the manifold, these crack, another VW ed design. Expensive I believe, one of the faulty designs yet to bite my wallet.
11. On the 2 litre engines make sure the timing belt is done early or it gets very expensive, don't forget the tenisoner. New base engine 4K ish. The 2.5 don't have a belt.
12. Has the brake fluid and clutch fluid been changed, service scheudle says 2 years? Various reports of it turning into jelly. £60
13. Check you still have the battery cover and insulation jacket, under shield to the engine, a few sensors low down. These were all scrapped to save money in the T5.1 including painting the panel inside the wagon and under the bonnet.
14. Check tyres, look out for faulty Michelin, cracking in the bottom of the tread causing eggs. £115 each.
15. Take the van a run, when switching off does it Moo?
16. Start the van and warm it up, drive and stop for a few minutes, wait and re start, does it groan, secondary electric water pump.
17. Last but not least, buy yourself a decent sisscor jack, bottles tend to be too tall with a flat to get under the suspension arm and not enough lift under sill. The one leg things are death traps. One of my trolleys won't go under the suspenison with a flat.
18. Gear selection issues, loose bolt on the selector housing.
19. Busted corrugated hose for w’screen washers (at bonnet hinge)
20. Faulty oil cooler/seal that allows oil into the coolant (but only some 2.5s are affected)
21. Steering column "clonk"
22. Leaking sliding windows
23. Faulty locking mechanisms (sliding doors and tailgate)
24. Replacement keys/remotes expensive and need recoding
25 Faulty sensor on DPF
26 Faulty switch for cruise control
27 People forget to change the gates couplings (higher mileage 2.5 engines)

Regards mark
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