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Has anyone fitted a replacement pipe for a 98 2.4D with a knackered cat?

Need some basic advice on how to fit a de cat pipe properly ie: joints, gasket leaks ect..

when inserting the gasket between the down pipe and the new de cat pipe do I just pop it in and tighten up or should I apply some exhaust paste at both new joints before I tighen up?...

Will a straight forward middle silencer{with flange} from other models replace my cat 2.4d, which one should i buy?

I see i can get a middle silencer from an older 2.4d online without the cat, will this be a straight swap?

Where can i source the right gasket and bolts?

Sorry about all the questions, would love to give this a go myself as my cat is gone in 3 places, the cat, the bend and the slieved joint and it sounds in awful! Was quoted 140euro in mayo to get job done, sounds a bit expensive to me??

Can I do this myself cheaper? and how do you fit this part?

Thanks in advance..:confused:

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I'm about to replace the broken CAT pipe on my 1.9td, got a Decat pip for £35 delivered off the bay.

When you fit the new one, do you use exhaust paste on either end?

Can you use the existing bolts / gaskets?

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