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I'm just looking for a bit of advice from the community.
I've got a 2011 T28 that I'm wanting to sell.

It has been owner by my business from new, has a full dealer service record and has been well cared for.
The mileage is 200k and it has just had a new set of alloys and Continental tyres on

It has dents and marks etc as to be expected with age etc
Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Sky Vehicle

I'm not sure where is best to sell it, ebay, autotader etc
Or what sort of money to ask? There seems to be huge differences.
Can anyone pls advise?
Ps..I've attached some pics


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Hi Chris, Trader and ebay are your best bet really, as for prices it's hard to gauge currently as anything camper related has inflated in value, can only suggest looking on said sites for similar vans and use that as a guide.
For the right price it won't hang around for long.
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