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Hello there
I have bought a 2nd hand triple folding bench seat from a t5 and want to install it in my t4.
What I'd really like is if someone could help me out by letting me know the measurements for how far apart to drill for the seat floor brackets.
I thought I'd just be measuring the seat feet, but it's all folded up so I'm not sure.
I only want to drill the holes once, in the right places.
Maybe there's a template out there?
Or a t5 owner that would be kind enough to measure between their brackets?
Anyway, if you know about this, I'd be glad to hear.

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Posted this in your original question area....

MY T5 bench seat needed me to route out 4 slots, 3/4" deep into the wooden floor....the mounts are about 5" long and 3" wide with the covers on.
2 bolts through each. and then pieces of 2x2" angle iron (about 18" long) underneath for strength.

What type of mountings does the seat have?
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