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i am t4lwb steve
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as most of you know i sell the t4 replacement aerial

i will take your monies and send you a good quaility aerial out

but i need your address to do this so pls make sure you put it in your message box on the paypal form or if its already in the paypal info make sure its up to date
i will not send out a replacement if its had an attempted delivery and you are not there its up to you to go to your sorting office to collect or rearrange delivery

also i will sit on your monies and not send out your aerial if you have not given me the following
real name
forum name
delivery address

also they only go out once paypal have notified me the monies is in my account

not being funny but i make very little monies on these once pay pal fees post and packaging has been taken out of the profit and as im self employed its also declare too

so pls help me help you this is not a rant but a public information page T:LOL:

p.s who is pay pal account I A SANDS cause thats all the info i got so no aerial for you til more info is given many thxs
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