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The wife and I are currently in Italy, in the van. It's pretty warm, and the air-con appears to have stopped working...

Well actually, the HVAC system isn't throwing any errors, and the air con is working, it's just that the temperature control flap doesn't seem to want to move any lower than 22 degrees, so isn't really doing much.

When I turn the knob to Hi, I can see the control arm moving (after removing the glove box etc to make it visible), but when I rotate it towards cold, it moves freely until it gets to 22 degrees and then the arm fails to budge any further (despite the knob being on low)

I fired up VCDS and ran it through the flap stop basic settings, which completed as normal, however when I actually try to adjust the temperature I see the the low stop is set to 69 and the hi stop is 180 something. Equally, the Temperature control flap actual value hits 0% at 22 degrees.

My thoughts are that either the control motor is shafted, the flap is stuck or the HVAC control panel temperature knobs is pooped.

Has anyone experienced this? Or even better, any thoughts on how I could use VCDC to fix it? I can't see anything that would help.

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