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Apparently, there is a known fix for intermittent power loss when wet - damp getting to the MAF sensor gives limp mode until the sensor dries again

No flashing glow plug light, just limp mode.

here we go:

Technical solution Transaction No.: 2010401/3
T4, sporadic loss of power when driving through rain Release date: 31-Jan-2007

Problem description

Sporadic power loss when driving through rain.


Water may enter the air filter through turbulence when driving through water at high speed. The air mass sensor (AMS) becomes damp, which in turn leads to brief disruptions of performance. The AMS is functional again after the moisture evaporates.

Production solution

No modification

Service solution

Proceed as follows:

• Check whether the drain hose is installed at the air filter housing; if not, install retrofit kit genuine part no.: 7D0 198 614.

• Check the fault memories of the control units and in the case of a fault proceed according to the Guided Fault Finding. Changing the AMS is permissible only given a corresponding note in the Guided Fault Finding.

the fix consistes of removing the airbox, and fitting a drain tube.... there's a pdf in german avaialble, but I can't upload it....

part number for the fix is 7D0 198 614
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