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My 2008 T5's alarm keeps going off randomly! It went off about five or six times throughout the night last night for the second night in a row. It has been fine since I got it in September up until this week, but seems to be getting worse. Perhaps it is like me and doesn't really like the -5 temperatures however-

From reading other threads, I have tried locking the drivers door with a key instead of the fob, but no joy.
I have tried pressing the fob lock twice... no joy.
I have tried pressing the internal sensor switch (for when you leave critters in the van) but no joy!

I need some sleep, can anyone offer me any advice? Plus my neighbours must be getting very annoyed with me!

There's something been mentioned about re-soldering a connection under the drivers seat....can anyone send me a picture of what I am supposed to be looking for?!

Thank you!
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