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Hi all,

My T5 (2007) seems to be racking up some electrical problems, for me to solve over the winter.

Initial problem was alarm going off, still a problem.

Remote key fob not working.

Manual key entry operates central locking with the exception of side door. Side door doesn't want to lock?

When engine started - horn sounds continuously!!! MAJOR ANNOYANCE!!!!!!!!!!

I've checked the wiring under the drivers seat, there was some previous soldering on the red/blue cable.

On closer inspection to the central locking unit there appeared to be slight corrosion to the terminals, cleaned this up with electrical contact cleaner.

I've read many threads regarding alarm and central locking problems but just can't solve this one. Could it be the ecu or the central locking unit?

If anyone can shed any light on these tiny problems, I'd be very grateful.
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