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Yep I did it ! I have ended up with a spare wire or should I say air pipe. I recently replaced the heater matrix in my '99 Velle and I did keep a good record of all wires, connections, screws etc. But one must have come undone unknown to me. probably with all the pulling and shoving !! The Matrix is quite well packed in there !

Anyway there is a red relay with 3 airlines coming off it - please see picture below. the 3 lines are coloured

Black with yellow line - goes to left side of dash to what seems to be a control for opening the air intake.

Black with blue line - goes up high in the dash to a connection out of reach, but I presume this controls the airflow into the cab

BLACK no markings - is now hanging loose - Oops.

For the life of me I can't find the connection. Anybody come across this before ??

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