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Morning all,

After giving the engine a once overm, it appears that I have to regretfully get rid of my stock air box and intake pipe. Why you ask? Well after changing to the mk4 style MAF, it does not appear to fit into the 2.5 airbox lid right. It's a tight fit and screwing the MAF body to the box lid is a little amiss. I'm yet to find an A4 platform airbox that'll fit in place of the stock van one (I's still hoping!).

Now I understand that I could go for a bog standard cone filter, but I don't want anything that requires oiling (I'd rather not have to keep replacing MAFs more than I have to) and I'd like to keep the noise down if possible (it's loud enough as it is, being a panel van). Is there some kind of intake/filter out there that I've missed that fulfils my requirements?


EDIT - Maybe the newer EDC15 based 2.5tdi MAF might be an easier replacement? Will need to find the dimensions and the pinout.
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