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Just found this little feature on Alutec's website which is fun to have a play around with if you are considering any of their wheels. Simply select your van type and it will show what wheels they have and how they would look on your van. You can even change the colour of your van.

http://wheel-configurator.alutec.de/GB/configurator/VW/T5 (7HC)/

I'm not sure 'configurator' is a word, but it is a translated German website so i'll let them off.

I'm thinking of getting the dynamite wheels in black/polished, they are a bit different and i've not seen them on another van. Let me know what you think. (my van is white, and i'm a fan of the black wheels with polished rim look, but fancy a bit of a change.) And if you have them on your van already please post a photo.
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