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Hello fellow VW people.

I have a T4 Caravelle LWB, automatic 2.5 diesel 2001. The engine went kaput last week and I was very much in two minds whether to transplant it for another second hand engine, or whether to get the existing engine reconditioned. The first option was looking like costing about £1100 all in, and the second a fair bit more. I did a lot of research online and found a place called 'Ring Engineering' in Hayes who said that it would either cost £1095 plus VAT to get the engine reconditioned (I'd have to send them the engine and do the removal/replacement here) or for £1850 all in they could offer a service which included removal, reconditioning, and then replacement. I'm in Brighton so I had to add a further £120 on to that for them to come and collect it.

On their quote it said 'estimate' which is always a concern, so I emailed them asking under what circumstances they would charge more. I was telephoned back and told that I wasn't to worry and that the use of the word 'estimate' was to cover themselves should there be a big hole in the side of the engine that I hadn't mentioned. The man I spoke to said that from what I had described (a sudden increase in noise and a loss of power etc.) I would be within the £1850 quoted.

So, I paid for them to come and collect and waited for them to get on with the work.

I phoned them today and was put through to someone who said 'ah yes, the crankshaft is badly scored so that'll need replacing and there's a couple of other things, but not much. I'll get the report sent to you'.

A 'report' was sent through. I'll type it out below:

Minimum items required to fit engine

£ 1095.00 - Engine cou
£ 62.00 - Warranty Premium (VAT Exempt)
£ 350.00 - Warranty Commision (VAT exempt)
£ 124.00 - Warranty Arranging Fees (VAT exempt)
£ 0.00 - Oil, filter, gaskets
£ 0.00 - Recovery
£ 538.00 - Replacement Crank + 1x rod
£ 48.00 - Clean breather system
£ 127.00 - t-belt kit (must have very poor)
£ 132.00 - 1x heater plugs (not working) 4x (poor)
£ 224.00 - Rad fan (broken)
£ 25.00 - Gearbox oil recommended
£ 18.00 - Anti freeze
£ 25.00 - Sundries (various nuts bolts etc.)

£ 2768.00 - Subtotal
£ 446.40 - VAT
£ 3214.40 - TOTAL

Additional items desirable to replace

£ 28.00 - Air filter (dirty)
£ 19.00 - Thermostst (rec)
£ 60.00 - Re gas a/c

To complete all above works

£ 3342.80

Am I being ripped off? I feel like I am!

What do you think?

And had anyone had dealing with this company? Ring Engineering in Hayes

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The crank seems expensive but is likely correct for VW pricing. Must be very bad if it cant be reground and next size up shells used. - I would have expected the garage to sort of prepare you for the possibility of this needing replacing.
The rad fan is horrendously priced.
Unlucky with the plug requirement.

Your 4 items take you to £1631. as a bare minimum.
Then add on the unavoidable things you would change when doing such a big job: TBelt kit, gearbox oil, antifreeze and nuts and bolts.
Takes you to: £1826

Unexpected (and outside of estimate I would assume) are plugs, crank and rad fan. Which add up to £894.

You could argue that the engine overhaul should be a bit less as they arent grinding the crank now. But thats not going to save you much.

A new long motor would have worked out less I would have thought.
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