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Hello All, picked up my first T5 (T28) today, well chuffed with it but I am working through a couple of issues.... This one is about double din head units for a 2005 model.

Apologies, yet another Android stereo question. I have searched the forums and google trying to find an appropriate Android head unit. I am keen on the Pumpkin or Xtrons as I am looking for good value but not the ultra-cheap <£150 quality.

The issue I have is this - measuring my current VW factory unit (which is broken) it is 1160mm high x 1880mm across. It seems all Ebay and Amazon searches come up with the larger unit for the later model T5 (mine is a 2005). I would prefer a larger screen but from what I have seen it may be the largest to fit in is a 7" screen.

Can anyone advise on either a model of head unit or any other thoughts on what I can do?

Thanks in advance,

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