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I've been driving around for a while with a Kenwood DDX3021 without the navigation module. As I think a lot of other people google maps is suffice for now but a hassle to look at the directions (or listen) on either the mobile phone or the android-based tablet. Now I've got an "old" Samsung 10.1 Galaxy tablet which I can play a bit around with, so I was wondering if there is any way in which I can get the screen of the tablet linked to the video IN port of the Kenwood system? Mainly so it creates a mirror of the tablet so that I can run google maps (or video, music, email, calls, etc) whilst driving.

I've got a connector which gives the audio (red/white) and video (yellow) connectors, but for some reason the screen does not sync. Does this mean I need to download an app somewhere or is there another option.

Anybody any experience with this?


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