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Hi All

Busy planning my rebuild , yes will be documented and posted in detail to crit I:

I know in the UK with safety and seatbelts being high on the cards for alot of conversion , here in Africa we have a little more lax aproach to seeing the sun come up in the morning :*

I am planning to fit my t5 with what is essentially a "old style" rock and roll bed -think JK camper style hinges on the bed
I plan to make these out of stainless , beacause I like stainless and like melting it into parts :) .. and burning myself now and then

This would enable me to have a large box behind the seat with a drawer system and a flip up top
Simple construction ( I hope , busy with the templates now )

My question to those that have more exp is why does it seem that everyone goes for the large steel frame bed that ends up with 4 section? Each section creates a soft spot and bed becomes slightly more uncomfortable
The frame also has more working parts ,working parts rattle on gravel roads and the upholstery requires 4 cushions as appose to 3

I used to have a Westfalia and if my clouded abused mind recalls correctly the hinge system worked great
Is the popularity of the new style R&R purely down to the seatbelt safety issue or am I missing something?
You opinion is valued
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