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Morning all,

I've got a staggered set of 3SDM 0.05s on the way (before we go down the load rating road, I have a reduced payload 4 cylinder van - GVW 2380kg and it all checks out) and I didn't go with tyres as in my umpteen years of driving, I've never had to select a set (always gone with what was on before). This is also my first (forced :mad:) foray into 18" wheels, so I'm a little lost. I've seen a few numbers banded about on here and I also seen the suggestion of going with staggered tyres as well.

Has anyone had this setup before and has a tyre size that they'd swear by? Off the top of my head, the wheel dimensions are 8.5j, ET 42 fronts and 9.5j ET40 rear.

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