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After having had 2 electric mirrors and 4 manual ones stolen, I have decided to finally do something about it. There was another forum member doing these, but on contacting him I had no reply unfortunately, so had to buy myself a big box of these.

The screws for the mirrors are a straight swap, you just need a Phillips screwdriver to take the old ones out.
The number plate you have to drill out the plastic plug behind the number plate from a 3mm hole to a 5mm hole and then countersunk the heads on the numberplate, so the screws sit flush and cannot be grabbed with a pair of pliers.

These screws are A2 stainless steel, so will not rust and they are reusable 2-way ones. The bit is hardened.

10 security screws + 1 hardened security bit
£10 inc p&p which can be paid by bank transfer or by Paypal gift. This will cover 3 for each side mirror and 2 for each number plate.
Please send me a PM if you want a set and feel free to attach pictures of the screws fitted to your pride and joy to the thread.

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