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iv e now got new pump on ,after 2 months off the road and guess what??
yep still no diesel coming through the pump,all my lines are clear and new filter.
key in, switch on eignition,glow plug light on go s out as normal wait a minute hear the clik so persuming realays ok
crank engine fine iv e cracked off injectors and nothin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is there any one out there had this problem, or can steir me to any thread what may help.
is there a step by step fault findin procedure i can go thoudh bypassin the electronics?
if this request is bad for the public view please pm me or giz a ring 07981410343
i e from switch ,relays,ecu/imobelizer. somethin is tellin this pump not to work??????????.
many thanks in advance and always a beer latter for any help
dub frezze is comein fast really dont want to do the tent again, killed me last week lol
thanks dave

BMW? You gotta be serious!
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Dave you've posted in the t5 section mate

Call 01628418462 10am tomorrow and you can have a chat with one of my techs T:
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